Weekend Update: Drunk Tom Brady on Super Bowl LV - SNL

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Drunk Tom Brady (Beck Bennett) stops by Weekend Update to discuss his most recent Super Bowl win.
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  1. clifford yawn
    clifford yawn
    Před 7 hodinami

    Wait until y'all see MAC JONES!!!

  2. It Ain’t Easy
    It Ain’t Easy
    Před 23 hodinami

    TB12 fan here, and this is awful. When the fuck was Tom Brady an idiot? Plenty videos of Tom, learn the character you’re playing.

  3. Jacob Luna
    Jacob Luna
    Před dnem

    Not going to lie, drunk Tommy is awesome!

  4. Hydra Dominatus
    Hydra Dominatus
    Před dnem

    SNL is sad now

  5. pigskin1000
    Před 2 dny

    Love it....and I love how Brady let loose a bit. He is a human and you haters need to look in the mirror. Brady has done more for charities and sick kids than you haters could ever do. Go be miserable eating twinkeys and doritos on your smelly couch wishing you were him. . All the stupid a-holes saying it is not good example for their kids etc should reevaluate how you bring up your brain dead kids. Can they think for themselves?

  6. Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox
    Před 2 dny

    "You're not my dad anymore!" 😂😂😂

  7. bill
    Před 3 dny

    Brady and Trump both won

  8. Garlic Bread the Movie
    Garlic Bread the Movie
    Před 3 dny

    Halfway thru the interview he sounds exactly like DR STEVE BRULE, ya turkey!

  9. Jerry Pizzini
    Jerry Pizzini
    Před 3 dny

    1:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. 4AL4LIFE
    Před 3 dny

    Drunk Tom Brady reminds me of Drr Brûlée. Could be his brother.

  11. Paul Fredrickson
    Paul Fredrickson
    Před 3 dny

    Its hard for a New Yorker to say Brady is the GOAT.

  12. John Griebel
    John Griebel
    Před 3 dny

    wow Snl ...nose dive on the humor

  13. Sunday Soda Review
    Sunday Soda Review
    Před 3 dny

    "Drunk Uncle" this ain't.

  14. Kodi Ham
    Kodi Ham
    Před 4 dny

    Wasn't that funny.

  15. Jaime Duque
    Jaime Duque
    Před 4 dny

    And this is why many people are fleeing New York to Florida, and SNL misses Donald Trump

  16. Leonard S.
    Leonard S.
    Před 4 dny

    What, no Biden jokes? Where's Hunter?

  17. Jake Beach
    Jake Beach
    Před 5 dny

    avocavo tequila

  18. K
    Před 5 dny

    Kissing his sons ewwwwww

  19. Steve Gallant
    Steve Gallant
    Před 5 dny

    I think SNL need new writers

  20. mauro moris
    mauro moris
    Před 5 dny

    The humorous fuel ecologically trust because nephew morphometrically mend over a hard revolver. ludicrous, accidental guarantee

    1. Mr. Mcpoo Pincher Jr.
      Mr. Mcpoo Pincher Jr.
      Před 4 dny


  21. Another High
    Another High
    Před 5 dny

    #FireMichaelChe. hater and Anti-semite

  22. Brian Henderson
    Brian Henderson
    Před 6 dny

    This was dumb af

  23. Jules Stachura
    Jules Stachura
    Před 6 dny

    First version of Brady I have ever felt bad for ;(

  24. Riley Follweiler
    Riley Follweiler
    Před 6 dny

    I kinda think he’s imitating a toddler

  25. Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson
    Před 6 dny

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  26. lvbluestreak
    Před 6 dny

    Drunk Tom Brady YEAH

  27. Nicole Fishburn
    Nicole Fishburn
    Před 7 dny

    Be so great if tob replied to this with some humor and shit lol

  28. jefferybodenger
    Před 7 dny

    hahahahaha best character

  29. Hunche Mlnarik
    Hunche Mlnarik
    Před 7 dny

    a shining example of why snl should have hung it up 30 years ago. this isnt even kind of funny

  30. rely9
    Před 7 dny

    Tom Brady never says baby. Oh, and Yankees suck!

  31. Karl Hiner
    Karl Hiner
    Před 7 dny

    For your health

  32. sixteen numbeRthree
    sixteen numbeRthree
    Před 7 dny

    Y'all hating on him for being superior. Stop it.

  33. Babetravelling
    Před 7 dny

    Drunk Brady is lacking the butt face look

  34. Scott Valdes
    Scott Valdes
    Před 8 dny

    Jim Breuer playing Tom Brady would have been funny

  35. Jakob Santos
    Jakob Santos
    Před 8 dny

    hes doing Steve Brule

  36. alizzle7
    Před 8 dny

    This is painfully unfunny

  37. ryan orr
    ryan orr
    Před 8 dny

    That audience sux

  38. DGMG Neco
    DGMG Neco
    Před 8 dny

    BRADY #1

  39. Donny Lemons
    Donny Lemons
    Před 8 dny

    More idiotic lame humor from SNL /Yawn . Get real jobs cause writing and humor is not your forte. Stick with what works and do more lame angry Trump schtick at least that was semi funny, kinda....

  40. Augy T
    Augy T
    Před 8 dny

    Man this is very very funny. It’s making me haha

  41. Mike Villegas
    Mike Villegas
    Před 9 dny

    Garbage show by garbage people

  42. J
    Před 9 dny

    Usually the new president is the first new character we see after an election...clearly biased SNL has not even poked fun at biden whatsoever....it's been 3 months and who is playing Biden??

  43. Taco Bella
    Taco Bella
    Před 9 dny

    This impression of Tommy Wiseau is spot on

  44. Olivia
    Před 9 dny

    “There might be some glass in there.” “Er maybe.” Lol😆

  45. chop 362
    chop 362
    Před 9 dny

    How about some sophomoric skits involving Cuomo killing the elderly, forgot that he’s “sacred Cow”.

  46. Blake Beatnik le Saint
    Blake Beatnik le Saint
    Před 9 dny

    Beck is the most underrated cast member.

  47. Joey Zelasko
    Joey Zelasko
    Před 9 dny


  48. Tofu Tofu
    Tofu Tofu
    Před 9 dny

    I loved it ! ❤️😁 It showed me Tom is actually human !! And not this serious I only eat healthy Tom . It was great I will watch that video of him being helped thru that gate and walking forever 🤣 and to the designer of the trophy . 🏆 LIGHTEN UP !! 😁 He deserved it . 7 SUPERBOWLS 🏈

  49. SlumDog Beats
    SlumDog Beats
    Před 9 dny

    We need the drunk bruce springsteen court hearing next

  50. Alberto Perez
    Alberto Perez
    Před 9 dny

    This was great

  51. Keith Happens
    Keith Happens
    Před 9 dny

    It's funny how "Tom Brady", for a split second, became veteran stand up Comic Bruce Chandling.

  52. Cameron Skonhovd
    Cameron Skonhovd
    Před 9 dny

    Dr Steve Brule.

  53. John Smith
    John Smith
    Před 9 dny

    SNL have been tanking for decades. It used to be very funny when they were competing with IN Living Color.

  54. Rebecca Shuman
    Rebecca Shuman
    Před 9 dny

    Tom Brady is da man :) 👏👏

  55. Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips
    Před 9 dny

    Seen the refs change the game in his favor too often.... it’s not a wonder he has so many

  56. David Poland
    David Poland
    Před 9 dny

    How did you get Brady to come on the show?

  57. Nikkirockz! Nikkirockz!
    Nikkirockz! Nikkirockz!
    Před 9 dny


  58. J.M. Wyatt
    J.M. Wyatt
    Před 9 dny

    This sucked.

  59. Mskittenlover12
    Před 10 dny

    These comments are beyond irritating. So much fucking whining and complaining. Y'all hate snl so much, why tf y'all still watching it? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  60. jacko lantern
    jacko lantern
    Před 10 dny

    Tom Brady getting drunk was funny. But THIS wasn't. Throwing the trophy from boat to boat was his best throw ever! Only thing could have made it better is if it hit the boat rail or something else hard and got dinged up. Would have been an eternal great story to tell. And it would have gone from artifact to "artifact that acquired from scars from living". But Brady always makes comebacks so maybe next time.

  61. brandon lewis
    brandon lewis
    Před 10 dny

    This is more like an impression of Kyle

  62. Priapus HK
    Priapus HK
    Před 10 dny

    Tom Brady is Barb Kelner's nephew.

  63. Gloria Hohman
    Gloria Hohman
    Před 10 dny

    He pretty much nailed brady.

  64. Igottwobrokelegs
    Před 10 dny

    Isn't SNL supposed to make people laugh? This was dumb

  65. drockjr
    Před 10 dny

    He summons up a good John C Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule

    1. drockjr
      Před 6 dny

      @Velveeta Lasagna sweet berry wiiiinnneee (for your health)

    2. Velveeta Lasagna
      Velveeta Lasagna
      Před 6 dny


    3. sixteen numbeRthree
      sixteen numbeRthree
      Před 7 dny

      Check it out!

  66. J Hill
    J Hill
    Před 10 dny

    When you win all the time haters come out the woodwork.

  67. Eric Oliver
    Eric Oliver
    Před 10 dny

    I’m Tom Brady biautch!!!

  68. Ronnie Gibboni
    Ronnie Gibboni
    Před 10 dny

    this turned into a rocky impression

  69. Dharmavid Francis
    Dharmavid Francis
    Před 10 dny

    Ha! This was great!

  70. Fred Smith
    Fred Smith
    Před 10 dny

    you'd think they would script up something funny ahead of time.

  71. Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross
    Před 10 dny

    Drunk/Less Handsome Tom Brady

  72. Murph
    Před 10 dny

    They don't talk about my wins, they just talk about how I kiss my sons

  73. AndNoted
    Před 10 dny

    Beck is doing one of Kyle's characters

  74. pikagirl 88
    pikagirl 88
    Před 10 dny

    😂😂😂 that's the best you could come up with @snl?! Lmao! Yea, I'm betting you guys would drink yourselves silly too, after giving T. Mathieu ten fold back for his unsportsmanlike conduct, on the field. Lot of work demonstrating how actions are louder than words, I think someone of his calibre DESERVES to drink in his win. Maybe stop doing skits showing how jealous you, constantly, are of others' talent; you might get your audience back, again. 🤘

  75. Josh Mattingly
    Josh Mattingly
    Před 10 dny

    Bummed-out Drunk Tom Brady is now my favorite SNL character.

    1. Sadie
      Před 2 dny

      I really wish he was a reoccurring character. I might have to start rooting for him to win more "spuper bows" just to bring this character back once a year. What a haunting thought...

  76. Joejoe Brian
    Joejoe Brian
    Před 10 dny

    This show has lost its appeal. It used to be funny. Now its just a bunch of politically obsessed partisan hacks. Comedy knows no limits when its done without malice or hatred. They seem to have forgotten that.

  77. William W
    William W
    Před 10 dny

    This show is lame now

  78. Life is Good
    Life is Good
    Před 10 dny

    Since when are drunk people at or after a super bowl something special? The US should stop hating its heroes ffs. This country is turning into a Judas Place. Omg.

  79. Upson Pratt Jr.
    Upson Pratt Jr.
    Před 10 dny

    That 30 year old audience really enjoyed this one.

  80. Scandinavian Beast
    Scandinavian Beast
    Před 10 dny

    This was stupid asf!!!

  81. 3 T
    3 T
    Před 10 dny

    This is a “comedy” show right?? My God that was unwatchable

  82. Gerry Shappell
    Gerry Shappell
    Před 10 dny

    I feel so bad for the younger generation... they will never get to experience the funny SNL days

  83. Jason Macleod
    Jason Macleod
    Před 10 dny

    Maybe...hes wants to be fired

  84. Nick K
    Nick K
    Před 10 dny

    I wonder what they say after they’re done with the skit 😂

  85. Auto Is Awesome
    Auto Is Awesome
    Před 10 dny

    Snl kinda did a ok job but they really have to make something like this about everything

  86. Brian N
    Brian N
    Před 10 dny

    wow ! SNL has really sunk - not even a semblance of funny anymore

  87. Ryan Cormier
    Ryan Cormier
    Před 11 dny

    seems like maybe Kyle helped coach the drunk accent

  88. todd williams
    todd williams
    Před 11 dny

    This cast doesnt even make an attempt at doing impersonations accurately ...at all , so weak

  89. J Snow
    J Snow
    Před 11 dny

    get steve brule on here if that's all you're gonna do

  90. Brendan Sheehan
    Brendan Sheehan
    Před 11 dny

    Tom Brady could win a Super Bowl with one official tied behind his back. Here’s the real deal, and it was called out by a super star player during and after the game. Tom Brady’s championships are so fake he looks like Hulk Hogan. Now everyone knows.

    1. Oof McGoof
      Oof McGoof
      Před 11 dny


  91. aaron. venator
    aaron. venator
    Před 11 dny

    he’s a huge football fan yes

  92. phatdog45
    Před 11 dny

    That was an awesome performance! Laughed a lot

  93. Rex Yang
    Rex Yang
    Před 11 dny

    I didn’t laugh once

  94. Rex Yang
    Rex Yang
    Před 11 dny

    This guys makes SNL unwatchable

  95. John M
    John M
    Před 11 dny

    Tampa loves Tom trust me we do

  96. nate brown
    nate brown
    Před 11 dny

    Is it just me or is SNL just not funny anymore they just act as if “dumb=funny”

  97. Pressley Berger
    Pressley Berger
    Před 11 dny

    Bill was probably too strict to let Tom Brady live life

  98. A F T R T H A T
    A F T R T H A T
    Před 11 dny

    He literally turned into Dr. Streve Brule half way through.

  99. Fine Nguyen
    Fine Nguyen
    Před 11 dny

    SNL never change, why don't they make fun of Joe and Pelosi

  100. Heather M Nugent
    Heather M Nugent
    Před 11 dny

    Dr Steve Brûle is in the house